This week we are looking at Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome.

Sounds fancy but what is it?

Simply it is pain behind your knee cap where the PATELLA joints onto the FEMUR. When moving well our patella glides through the femoral groove allowing full flexion and extension at the knee.

When uneven stress develops; such as an overactive/underactive muscle, a blow to the knee or repetitive strain the patella begins to incorrectly track resulting in irritation and pain. Over time biomechanical changes occur in the foot/hip and surrounding stabilising muscles.

The most common mechanism for this injury is overloading by running/jumping and or repetitive squatting, therefore we see athletes more commonly affected.

What can your Chiropractor do?
We address the biomechanics of the lower limb (foot/knee/hip) and restore normal joint loading. We do this by releasing the overactive muscles and prescribe exercises for the underactive muscles. The surrounding joints are mobilised to restore proprioception and there is a small period of rest to allow the structures to heal.