About Us

Dr Tyna Murray

(B.HlthSci, M.Chiro)

Chiropractor & Owner Realign Health

My Chiropractic experience began very early in life.  When my mother was pregnant with me, she experienced low back pain, and turned to Chiropractic for a drug free solution. From then on, I received regular chiropractic check ups – especially when challenging myself on the sporting field.

After high school I completed a 3 year Bachelor of Health Science (majoring in Neuroscience, Pathology and Physiology) at Adelaide University. From Adelaide I then moved to Sydney to complete my Master of Chiropractic at Macquarie University.

After university I worked as a locum and in private practice for 6 years.  At this time my now husband and I took a sabbatical to travel, hike and enjoy the sunshine.  We then moved to the south west in 2016 – starting Realign Health and our lives as dairy farmers.

Since then, Realign Health has grown to 3 Chiropractors as has our family – with two little ones to cherish.

As my life has changed my clinical interests diversified.  Traditionally I focused on sport and geriatric care I have transitioned clinically to focus on women’s health.  I am passionate about holding space and honouring the immensity of the matresence process through pregnancy, birth, postpartum and life thereafter.

Additional training:

  • Barrell institute – Visceral Manipulation 1 (2023)
  • Pregnancy Adjusting – James Evans (2023)
  • Internal Pelvic Release work and 12-month mentor program – Fiona Hallinan, Jenny Blyth (2022)
  • Management of Pelvic Organ prolapse – Sydney Pelvic clinic (2022)
  • New York College Chiropractic pregnancy and postpartum adjusting series (2021)
  • Inspiral – Childrens neurodevelopmental Chiropractic (2021, 2018 & 2012)
  • Spinning babies (2020)
  • Metagenics – Womens Health nutrition symposium (2019)
  • Musculoskeletal dry needling Level 1&2 – (2015)
  • Applied kinesiology – 8 series (2014 & 2011)
  • Sacro-occipital technique 1,2 & 3 (2013)
  • Level 2 Matwork pilates instructor (2012)
  • Activator technique (2011)

Dr. Megan Logan

(B.HlthSci, B.AppSci (Chiropractic)


Growing up and completing primary and secondary  school in south west Victoria, Megan is a local.  She began receiving chiropractic care when I was a baby, along with the rest of my family. As time went on she become more involved with sport and health and started developing a keen interest in the human body and how it works. This interest is what motivated Megan to study Chiropractic!

After completing high school, Megan moved to Melbourne where she studied Bachelor of Health Science/Bachelor of Applied Science (Chiropractic) and worked as a receptionist in a chiropractic clinic.  After graduating university, Megan has worked rurally where she enjoys seeing a diverse range of clinical conditions.

Megan has developed her knowledge further by undertaking seminars in; paediatric and family care, sacro-occipital technique, and women’s health.

She is looking forward to serving patients of all ages and backgrounds in the Camperdown community, and helping everyone to achieve their health and activity goals. Outside of work, she enjoys spending time in the kitchen, as well as getting outdoors to explore, and being on the netball court.

Dr. Jake Muddle

(B.HlthSci, B.AppSci (Chiropractic)


Growing up in Melbourne with a love for sports and the outdoors, Jake discovered his passion for healthcare after observing his grandfather, an Acupuncturist help those around him. Graduating from RMIT with a Bachelor of Health Sciences and Applied Sciences (Chiropractic), his vision is to provide high-quality healthcare to the community to help keep individuals and athletes doing what they love.

Working with various athletes in different disciplines he found a specific interest in rehabilitation to optimise their performance and long-term outcomes.  Jake continuously looks to develop and learn new techniques to help assess and diagnose a wide variety of conditions. Peaking interest for Jake is concussion management and its ongoing effects on your nervous system throughout the lifespan, running injuries and load management as well as jaw dysfunction and it’s influence on headache outcomes. He continuously looks to implement passive and active strategies with everyone that crosses his path to empower them to take control of their health.

After living and working in Townsville for the past 2 years, Jake is currently slowly travelling around Australia. In that time you can find him looking for some good trails to run, waves to catch and the best coffee in town. He looks forward to helping you and your family reach your health goals whilst Tyna is on maternity leave and beyond.

  • Accredited SD Protocol Practitioner
  • Level 1 MAT Running Assessment

Natalie Tongs

BOccTher, Certified Hand Therapist (USA), Accredited Hand Therapist as awarded by the Australian Hand Therapy Association

Hand Therapist

Natalie is delighted to offer a Hand Therapy service to the South West community from 2024. Using her experience and further studies, Natalie is motivated to provide a high quality assessment and treatment process to ultimately help your hands and wrists function for the activities that you love.

Natalie has practiced hand therapy for over 12 years and has achieved the internationally recognised Certified Hand Therapist designation (USA). She is also close to completion of the Australian Accredited Hand Therapist requirements, which is the highest clinical recognition of hand therapy skills within Australia.

Natalie graduated as an Occupational Therapist from Deakin University in 2006 and spent five years working in hospital rehabilitation settings before pursuing her passion for hand therapy. Natalie continues to maintain her role as a clinical lead at Warrnambool Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery on a part-time basis where she works in conjunction with specialist hand surgeons and nurses. Here she provides assessment and treatment of sport and work injuries, arthritic complaints as well as fracture and post-operative management.

Outside of work, Natalie takes an active interest in the local netball and enjoys time with her young family on their dairy farm. Natalie welcomes clients with hand and wrist issues to consider seeing a hand therapist to gain information and tools to minimise pain and maximise function.

Dr. Naomi Knight

BHSc(Chiro) MClinChiro


Naomi graduated from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) in 2012 after completing a Bachelor’s (BHSc (Chiro)) and Masters (MClinChiro) in Chiropractic. Naomi practised in Regional South West Victoria, Western Australia before returning to the South West of Victoria. To enhance patient care, Naomi completed her Applied Kinesiology certification and dry needling certification and enjoys incorporating aspects of these into her practice where patient care and appetite warrant this.

Naomi believes that a large part of successful healthcare is founded on interdisciplinary care,  good communication and the establishment of trusting relationships. Naomi strives to keep these principles at the centre of everything she does and believes this is essential to positive patient outcomes.

Naomi loves spending time walking her two Lagottos, Moose and Panda and staying active with exercise and yoga. Additionally, she enjoys cooking, baking, crocheting and sewing in her free time.