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Wheelchair friendly

Wheelchair accessible and suitable for those with low mobility.

On-the-spot claiming

Eligible funds can claim on site with our HICAPS terminal. TAC, Workcover, EPC, DVA all welcome with pre-approval.

Car parking

When arriving we have ample street parking.


250 Manifold Street, Camperdown VIC 3260.
Phone 03 5593 1999

Our Mission

To provide effective patient centred Chiropractic care to the wider Camperdown, Terang, Cobden, Lismore communities.

People choose Chiropractic care for many different reasons. At Realign Health the diagnosis and treatment of musculoskeletal pain, spinal or peripheral (limbs) is an important part of what we do.

We also want to work out what is the underlying cause of the pain and dysfunction and how best to eliminate this. We work with you tailoring the treatments to achieve your goals and giving you the knowledge and skills to prevent re-occurrences.

Our services

At Realign Health we utilise a range of techniques to best suit your individual needs.

• Joint manipulations
• Joint mobilisation
• Trigger point releases
• Activator adjusting tool
• Musculosketal dry needling
• Rehabilitation exercises
• Sacro Occipital Technique and Applied kinesiology
• Mat work Pilates

We are also stockists of Dentons Pillows, Bioceuticals and Metagenics products.

Hand Therapy

Hand Therapy involves the evaluation and testing of the injured hand, wrist or elbow. A specific treatment plan is developed based on the exam and treatment goals of the client.
A variety of specialised treatment techniques are utilised to achieve these goals including; splinting, braces, taping, exercise, rehabilitation and ergonomic devices.

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What happens at my first visit?

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